King And Sons Poultry Services Inc is a family owned and operated custom poultry processing facility committed to quality and consistent services. We offer custom poultry processing to individuals and other farms. We are one of the only USDA Inspected custom poultry processors which means a USDA Inspector looks at every bird we slaughter. 

Being a USDA Inspected facility means all of our products can be legally sold in all 50 of the United States. We process birds as whole, whole cutup, and parts and pieces with minimum quantities. All of your products are packaged using high quality vacuum packaging and comes to you boxed for your convenience. 

We slaughter chickens all year and turkeys October through April. You must have an appointment for slaughter! Please call early as our calendar will be fully books certain times of the year.

Updates from the office - Feb 07, 2023

The 2023 Chicken and Turkey cut sheets have been uploaded, you'll notice new rules on them. We have listened to feedback about "different cuts" being offered in the same flock, in order to maintain efficiency we have settled on the following guideline:

For breast options (Boneless Skinless, Boneless Skin On, Split Breast) you can choose multiple options if you have more than 250 birds in your flock, with 100 minimum per option. 

For drum quarter options (Quarters, Drums/Thighs, Boneless Skinless Thighs) you can choose multiple options if you have more than 250 birds in your flock, with 150 minimum per option. 

We are offering these options on the hopes that it will be manageable, if we find it's not realistic we'll issue a new cut sheet at that time. The reason these limits exist is when we slow our processing down, it lowers the overall capacity we can handle, and as long as demand for USDA custom processing remains strong we feel it necessary to process for as many people as we can. 

Following more customer feedback, Boneless Skinless Thighs are officially being offered, 2 Piece Cut Wings (Wingettes, Party Wings, etc) are officially being offered.

After reviewing 2021-2022 data we've decided to no longer offer quartering or splitting, and the minimum for both CutUp and Separated and Whole CutUp is now 100 birds each. Any flocks with 99 or less birds will be packaged as Whole Chickens. 

Giblets and Feet will be offered, these will be generically labeled (no name) and done by the case, anything less just doesn't jive with our processing flow. As in the past, your own giblets and feet are not guaranteed. 

We hope you find our offerings both fair and accommodating for all, much thought went into them, including the decision to keep most prices the same as 2022 (slaughter, cutting, most packaging - no change this year) despite the rising costs plastic, cardboard, and labor. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Jeremy@KingsPoultryFarm.com

Thank you for your support, we look forward to the 2023 Custom Processing season. 

Updates from the office - Feb 02, 2023

The 2023 Price List has been issued and is available in the links on the left. Notable changes include most prices staying the same as 2022 including slaughter and cutting, but a $.05 increase in linking, a $.16 increase in patties, a $5.00 increase in freezing, etc. 

We plan to offer Giblets and Feet year round without hiccup, the trade off to this is they will be done by the case (you'll tell us how many cases you want, 5 and 10 packages just isn't efficient), and they'll be generically labeled (same reason, labeling one case and switching labels just isn't efficient) - your own Giblets and Feet are not guaranteed, this is the only item done like this.

We're working on cut sheets but we plan to offer Boneless Skinless Thighs and 2 Piece cut wings for Cutup and Separated options. One change we have made is rules on cutting, if your appointment is for 99 or less chickens they will all be returned to you packaged whole - cutting minimums for both CutUp and Separated and Whole Cut Up has gone up to 100 each. The new Cut Sheet should be available in the coming days. 


Happy New Year! 2023 appointments can be made anytime. We ask that you have had a conversation with your hatchery of choice so that you indeed have chicks coming to fulfill your appointment. If the phone is busy feel free to try again or email Jeremy@KingsPoultryFarm.com, although much of the custom chicken processing is done until Spring we are still busy with several other projects. We plan to issue new price sheets in February or March - major changes are NOT expected. The largest impacting change we foresee is a shorter time to pick up your frozen product, we do not have the capacity to hold for two weeks like we thought we might, but other storage options are available. 


We are well into processing turkeys for Thanksgiving and that has made us plenty busy, maybe more than normal! We are currently fully booked until 12/6/22. 


We will begin taking appointments for 2023 on January 3rd. If you have any questions before then please feel free to contact us.