How to's and what to expect

We go by appointment only. We slaughter chickens on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Turkeys on Thursdays. You can drop your birds off the night before your slaughter date between 7:00 and 8:30 p.m or the morning of you slaughter date. We will then cut and package your product on Wednesdays and Fridays, pickup will be on Wednesday and Friday between 1 and 5 PM.

We no longer offer same day pickup unless the product is bulk whole birds. We apologize for the inconvenience but in an effort make our process as efficient as possible we decided that only cleaning the slaughter facility twice a week instead of 3-4 time per week made sense. also with all the birds being cold when we start packaging we are much more efficient with packaging process. With all the chickens being in our 30 degree cooler over night we are able to ship a much colder product making it safer for you.
Make An Appointment
Call us to make an appointment. Contact us. Be sure to make an appointment early as we can be scheduled out up to three to four weeks during the summer months.

Feed Withdrawal
Be sure to take the feed away 18 hours be fore slaughter (Keep Water Supplied) This will help us keep your product cleaner and eliminate possible trimming of meat.

Live Bird Transportation
Be sure to maintain good airflow to the birds during transportation. More birds are condemned from not transporting properly than any other reason. mainly because of suffocation from being packed to tightly or direct wind beating on them, especially in the front of trailers and from piling when transported loose in front of stock trailers

Arrival At Plant
Once at the plant follow signs and backup to the live bird unloading area. There should be a dock attendee there, follow his instructions. All chickens will need to be either brought in chickens crates or tranfered into our crates by you. be sure to leave any further process instructions (extra cutting or packaging instructions) with dock attendee or at the plant office.

Our Job

Your birds will be taken into the kill floor hung up and stuck with an electric knife ( For humane reasons) they are left hanging to bleed as they travel to the scalder where they are scalded in hot water for about for around 2 minutes(with new equipment we have been able to lower our scald temperature for better yields and quality) then the birds travel up and are dropped into the picker to remove the feathers. They are then rehung on a moving line for evisceration and final cleaning and rinsing. They are put into barrels or tubs full of water and ice for chilling. We have to chill each bird to 40 degrees or below within a certain time to meet food safety requirements. Once chilled with water and ice to 40 degrees the water is drained and the birds are put into our 30 degree cooler for further chilling we then do any any cutting or packaging  the next day.

Product Transportation
We pack/ship everything in cardboard boxes, but you can bring coolers, ice chest or other containers that you can transfer your product into to help keep it cold or from leaking.

Please call for any further questions or concerns. contact us.