Poultry Processing Price List 2015

Poultry Processing ($20 Minimum Slaughter Fee/lot)


*Cornish Rock X: less than 100 birds’ $1.35/bird and $0.10/lb.

*Cornish Rock X more than 100 bird’s $1.30/bird and $0.10/lb.

*All Other Breed: $2.50/bird        * Old Roosters: $3.50/bird

*$0.05/lb. Environmental and Regulatory Fee


Cutting: (Cornish Only) (Minimum of ten bird per cut)

*Ten piece cutup: $0.15/Lb.    * Quartered $0.12/Lb.

*Split $0.10/lb   *Breast Boning $0.30/Lb. 30 bird minimum


Chicken Packaging:

* Vacuum Shrink Package $1.00/Pkg. (for whole, cutup, split, etc.)

*Vacuum Pouches $0.60/ Pkg 60 package minimum per lot

(For separated part 6 drum/pkg, 6 thighs/pkg, etc.)

Turkey processing

0 to 30LB $0.40/LB Package Packaged Minimum 0f $5.00 per bird.

30LB and Larger $0.50/LB Packaged

*$0.05/lb. Environmental and Regulatory Fee

Turkey Cutting

*8 piece cutup: $2.00 /bird

* Quartered: $1.25 /bird            * Split $0.75 /bird

Pheasant, Quail, Guinea etc. Slaughtering $2.75/bird

Updated 1-2015 effective 3-1-15

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