Freezing and Storage

We offer freezing on site at a rate of $45.00 per pallet space. Freezing takes place over the weekend. The $45.00 includes storage until your product is picked up. Please have your product removed by Wednesday the week following your processing appointment. Failure to remove in a timely manner can result in additional charges and/or having your product sent to an off-site storage facility. 

Off Site storage is done at Classic Warehousing. Payment arrangements for processing need made prior to having product stored at Classic. 

Fees for Classic (billed by King's) are as follows:
Initial Freezing: $45.00 per pallet space
Transport to Warehouse: $40.00 per pallet
Monthly Storage (billed on 1st of month): $20.00 per pallet 

Before retrieving product at Classic you MUST call to arrange a pickup!

Classic Warehousing Inc
1050 Progress St
Greenville, OH 45331