Company History

William and Marilyn King started raising and processing chickens by hand in the barnyard in 1983. They continued raising chickens and started using a local poultry processor throughout the eighties not happy with the quality they were getting there they purchased a automatic picker and fixed up the old milk house in the barn to process there own birds again. Till 1994 they had been blessed with five boys and thought they would be happier if kept busy. So they decided to build a small plant and start doing custom poultry processing with the idea to keep the boys busy slaughtering birds during the summer then send the boys to school in the fall. Good idea? So in June of 1994 King And Sons Poultry Services started custom poultry slaughter. That fall the boys went to school and William and Marilyn still processed chickens!! They soon realized there were more chickens to slaughter than they had imagined. The next year the boys were home schooled so they could help with the chickens. 
Original Plant 1994

The business continued growing almost every year and in 2000 the first addition was started. Soon another addition was planned and King And Sons became one of the only Ohio state inspected custom poultry processors in 2002. In 2008 after more plant remodels, additions and just the two youngest boys (Levi and Reuben King) still in the business King and Sons became incorporated. We have continued to make advancements in packaging and labeling technology for better product display and quality. In 2016 we installed new slaughter equipment and are seeing some gains in quality and efficiency but mainly saving our employees a lot of hard work. Also in July 2016 we achieved USDA inspection making it legal to sell poultry products from here anywhere in the USA instead of just Ohio. We are always striving to better our processes to create quality poultry products for your families and customers.