Chicken crates stacked on pallets is the preferred method of transportation. Crates may be

available for purchase, yearly rental, or borrowed by appointment - call the plant for

availability. If crates are not available wire cages, dog carriers, or loose in a trailer works but is

not recommended and will need to be transferred into crates upon arrival. Make sure birds can

still move around and get plenty of air during transportation. Use care when handling, excessive

wing flapping can cause bone breakage and/or tissue bruising. These kinds of things will be

trimmed at slaughter or could result in being condemned by the inspector.

Turkey Transportation

Turkeys are most often brought in loose in a stock trailer, it is HIGHLY recommended that you

use bedding or shavings in the trailer, especially if leaving the turkeys overnight. The quality of

the turkeys is improved greatly when bedding is used. If you are able, leaving your trailer is

preferred and easiest. If leaving your trailer is not an option, we can help you move the turkeys

into one of our trailers or holding pens.